Welcome to WCPAYGO®, the electronic "pay-as-you-go" premium payment option from Specialty Workers' Compensation. This secure portal is designed to offer convenient, web-based payroll reporting that allows business owners and their payroll providers to pay their workers' compensation premium in installments based on actual, reported payroll, rather than an annual estimate.

With WCPAYGO, clients can start efficiently managing their workers’ compensation costs today!

  • Improve cash flow by aligning workers’ compensation premiums with actual payroll cycles
  • Access online reports to help manage workers’ compensation programs

    How Does it Work?
    Specialty Workers’ Compensation clients work with their brokers to determine if WCPAYGO is an effective solution for them. You can choose to self-report or ask an AIG approved payroll provider to report for you. Registration is a fast and secure electronic process. After being notified by email, users can log in here to complete a simple account set-up and start reporting their payroll.

    Once activated, self-reporting business owners can use WCPAYGO to:
  • Receive email reminders when it's time to enter payroll
  • Review invoices electronically
  • Pay their premium via easy, electronic payments with no paper bills or monthly fees. The premium due for each report period will be electronically transferred from the bank account registered on our secure website

  • If you have an approved payroll provider report for you, they will transfer your premium as due to us.

    After you enroll in WCPAYGO and register your account, additional training and tools will be available in the secure portion of this site.

    For more information or with any questions about this system, please contact Specialty Workers’ Compensation Customer Service at 1-800-645-2259 and select option #2, or email swcwcpaygo@aig.com.